Back Pain

Back pain is understood to be all pain conditions that occur in the different areas of the back. A distinction is made here according to the duration, the position and the cause of the back pain.


- Acute: last for a maximum of 6 weeks

- Subacute: last for 6-12 weeks

- Chronic: last for more than 12 weeks


- Lower back in the case of the lumbar spine LS

- Middle back in thoracic spine Cervical spine

- Upper back in the cervical spine Cervical spine


- Non-specific: no exact cause can be named here.

- Specific: an exact cause can be named here, such as muscle tension, vertebral blockage, ISG syndrome, slipped disc, osteoporosis, etc.


  • Blockages and tensions around the spinal column
  • Lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle
  • Weakened muscles in the torso area

kybun Joya Therapy

  • Activation and strengthening of the musculature in the torso area
  • Encouraging exercise and minimizing poor posture
  • Loosening of blockades and tensions around the spinal column

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