The kybun Joya Group has been developing, producing and distributing high-quality products for healthy walking and standing since 1996. We enable our customers to stay fit and mobile in the long term and to become sustainably pain-free.

The kybun Joya Group consists of the shoe brands kybun, Joya and Kandahar, the two specialist retail chains "Passt!" and "kybun Joya" as well as a worldwide development and production network of healthy shoes.

The kybun Joya Group employs over 200 people worldwide, half of these in Switzerland. Our approximately 1,200 points of sale are represented in over 40 countries, spread around the world. We produce around 400,000 pairs of shoes per year.

The company is led by CEO Karl Müller and Claudio Minder. Markus Bartholet complements the entrepreneurial duo as a board member.

"The Joya Way" Book Tip

Based on our experience of the last 12 years in entrepreneurship, we have developed our new management concept. With The Joya Way, we promise ourselves stability and continuity in daily business while simultaneously increasing innovation power.