The kybun Joya therapy, inspired by the rice fields of Korea, adds a unique walking sensation to our everyday lives. Our products have the ability to transform hard and flat floors into soft, elastic, and springy surfaces reminiscent of rice fields. This distinctive walking experience not only provides relaxation to our body but also positively affects our entire musculoskeletal system, all without the need for additional exercise or time.

Experience comprehensive therapy

The kybun Joya therapy not only includes elastic-springy shoes for walking and trampoline-style mats for standing, but also a collection of special exercises and techniques for manually releasing fascial adhesions.

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Over 4 million satisfied customers worldwide confirm the remarkable effect of our products. What would your feet and body prefer, barefoot on soft-elastic-springy moss, or wrapped in flat shoes on hard surfaces? Treat your feet to the very best, because you need them for life.